Eurovault Lx, Döttling and Stockinger

The art of security

The Eurovault Lx offers a complete bespoke solution to create your perfect safe. Our team of expert craftsmen and women strive for perfection to create every unique Eurovault Lx masterpiece. The finest solid wood, handcrafted jewellery drawers finished in luxurious suede or leather offering the highest standards of British craftsmanship. Jewellery drawer layouts to suit all type of valuable possessions, including the option of integrated watch winder modules to show off the finest time pieces. Our expert team have designed and created bespoke luxury safes that have been delivered worldwide.

The Eurovault Lx range offers tested and certified security ratings from £10,000 overnight cash rating up to £350,000 overnight rating for jewellery and other valuables, the Eurovault Lx is the ideal secure luxury solution

Stockinger and Döttling are two of the most prestigious brands in the World of luxury safes. With innovative design and engineered in Germany both brands offer standard luxury safes and bespoke once off masterpieces. Precision engineering and security ensure the highest standards are met to protect your watches, jewellery and other valuables.