Stockinger Safes


Stockinger: Freedom Through Security

A Stockinger Safe is about more than maximum security and protection – it is about elegantly blending function and form with individuality and security at uncompromising levels of quality for our customers’ most valued belongings. A Stockinger Safe is a beautiful product that fits seamlessly into a luxury lifestyle, offering highly customized levels of security protection without sacrificing grace or style. Whether it is watches, jewellery, fine art, vital documentation or other valued possessions, Stockinger provides the ultimate peace of mind, combining security, beauty and convenience.

A safe should be far more than a mere secure cupboard, standing in the cellar or concealed behind a picture. According to your needs we aim to produce a safe that you can place wherever you desire – in your bedroom, in your cloakroom, dressing room, study or living room. You won’t have to plan well in advance to have access to your valuables. You can decide what to wear when getting dressed for the evening without wondering about bank opening hours.